An unsupported flash device error occurs when attempting to upload DLPC350 firmware using an incorrect GUI version.

Keynote's LC4500 driver board is based on the Texas Instruments DLP4500 chipset but the flash memories used on Keynote's design are different from TI's.  In addition, more recent Keynote driver boards use a newer flash type to replace an obsolete part number on the original Keynote design.  

Keynote recommends always using the latest Keynote GUI for LC4500 systems.  In order to program more recent driver boards it is necessary to use Keynote GUI version 3.3.1 or greater.

It is never recommended to use the Texas Instruments GUI to upload firmware to the DLPC350 on Keynote driver boards.  Doing so can in some cases cause data corruption that may require returning the system to Keynote for repair.