If you attempt to use the TI GUI to program (flash) the Keynote LC4500 boards, it will not program and cause them not to boot up again. 

The flash memory on Keynote's LC4500 driver boards is different from the one used on TI's design, and some versions of the TI GUI are unable to program Keynote's flash without crashing.  Other than that, the TI GUI and associated SDK are all compatible with Keynote's design since the chipset is the same. 

If for some reason you did make this mistake, you must follow the instructions in the Keynote User Guide to place the board in 'boot-hold' mode and then update the board with the Keynote GUI. In some cases, this will not recover the board and you will need to use a JTAG interface to recover the board. Contact us for  detail. 

Starting later in 2019, Keynote will be switching to a different flash memory which will avoid this conflict.