The USB connector on the LC4500 driver board is a surface-mount component and can be damaged by applying mechanical stress, particularly in the vertical direction.  When this happens the PCB solder pads and sometimes associated traces may be pulled off the board along with the USB connector.

Driver boards with this damage are not repairable by simple means and Keynote does not accept return of them for repair.  If a USB connector is removed through mechanical stress it is possible for a user with some soldering skill to attempt a repair using the following procedure.

1. As cleanly as possible, reattach the USB connector to the PCB.  This may be done by resoldering the mounting lugs to any remaining attached PCB solder pads, or by using epoxy to glue the connector to the PCB.  If using epoxy be very careful to avoid getting it inside the connector or on the signal pins at the back of the connector.

2. When the USB connector is mechanically secure, solder wires from four of the signal pins to component U59 immediately behind the connector. 

Note: It may not be necessary to solder all four wires if some of the signal connections are intact.