The LC4500 requires a 12VDC power supply with current depending primarily on brightness settings.  

300mA      static image mode, illumination LEDs off
2.2A      static image mode, illumination LEDs max (255,255,255)
5.5A       static image mode, white mode LEDs (170,220,220)

Note: It is not recommended to operate the LC4500 in white mode (all three LEDs on at the same time) at maximum settings for extended periods without additional cooling.

Power is supplied through the barrel connector J28 or through the Molex connector J40.

The LC4500 is not shipped with a power supply included.  If using the barrel connector any 12VDC supply with sufficient amperage rating and a standard 2.5x5.5x9,5mm plug will work.  For internal testing Keynote uses Delta ADP-66CR which is available from multiple distributors.